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Universal Glows

LED Light Therapy Mask™

LED Light Therapy Mask™

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Our LED mask is now WIRELESS & has 64 built in lights for maximum results achievable from home. 

Our LED Light Therapy Mask Will Give Glowing Skin In Just 10 Minutes* 


The Universal Glows LED Light Therapy Face Mask has been designed to effectively provide a non-invasive face treatment using the principle of bio-phototherapy.  The 3 LED light sources (Red, Blue and Yellow) improve the cosmetic appearance of your skin.

Designed to offer an easy and safe solution for perfect skin - our medical-grade LED Mask harnesses three therapeutic lights for a clearer complexion in just 10 minutes* a day.

The blue light wavelength, 460-470nm, effectively reduces and eliminates bacteria in your pores to treat acne and breakouts, the yellow light wavelength, 580-590nm, detoxifies your face and stimulates the production of red blood cells to promote oxygen flow to cells, and the red light wavelength, 620-630nm,  helps produce collagen and promotes blood circulation to help revitalize and prevent wrinkle formation.

Universal Glows confidently provides at-home salon treatments with our pro-level LED light therapy all from home. So sit back and relax and pick your perfect light to get ready to glow. 

*each LED cycle lasts 10 minutes, a complete treatment takes 30 minutes, or select the LED colour program to suit your individual needs.

Let us be apart of your skincare routine - a leading Australian beauty brand that’s helped hundreds of thousands of Aussies improve their skin, dramatically!


How To Use  

1. Wash your face and ensure no makeup is visible

2. Switch LED Light Mode by selecting the left touch sensor

3. Watch your face glow!

4. Recharge device. 

    BLUE LIGHT (460-470NM)

    Blue light wavelength targets and eliminates bacteria caused by acne. It also affects the oil glands beneath your skin. By effectively restoring the combat appearance of acne, it helps restore your natural skin complexion by promoting anti-inflammatory properties. 

    RED LIGHT (620-630NM)


    The red light wavelength is used to help promote the production of collagen via blood circulation- which is our basic skin protein that help revitalise your skin by preventing and reducing wrinkle formation. The best part of this is it slows the signs of ageing. 

    YELLOW LIGHT (580-590NM)

    The yellow wavelength is all about detoxification via the promotion of oxygen to cells, improving microcirculation, improving the cells ability to remove toxins. The beauty of this feature is the removal of toxins in your skin reduces pigmentation, sun damage and improves skin tone, resulting in a brighter and glowing complexion. 



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