LED Face Mask - Choose your colour frequency or do the whole cycle


The Universal Glows LED Light Therapy Face Mask should be used for a maximum of 30 minutes per treatment, up to 3 times per week.

Ensure your face and skin is clean and dry. Remove any traces of make-up, dirt and avoid use of moisturisers until treatment is finished.

The eye shield of our Universal Glows LED Light Therapy Face Mask minimises exposure to the LED lights, however we strongly recommend keeping your eyes closed throughout the whole treatment. Do not look directly into the light source.


  1. To turn on, press and hold the On/Off button for 3-5 seconds.
  2. The LED Light Therapy Mask will cycle through 10 minutes of each programme (Red, Blue, Yellow) or alternatively, press the button to go to the next programme.
  3. The LED Light Therapy Mask will automatically switch off at the end of the 30 minutes (3 x 10-minute programmes) or when the On/Off button is held for 3-5 seconds.
  4. Connect charging cable to power and LED Light Therapy Mask for recharging. Charge time is approximately 40 minutes and battery life is approximately 90 minutes.


The Universal Glows LED Light Therapy Face Mask has been designed to effectively provide a non-invasive face treatment using the principle of bio-phototherapy.  The 3 LED light sources (Red, Blue and Yellow) improve the cosmetic appearance of your skin.

Red Light (Anti-ageing)

The Red light wavelength is 620 - 630nm and is used to help the production of collagen and promote blood circulation to help revitalise the skin and prevent wrinkle formation.

Blue Light (Acne and Bacteria)

The Blue light wavelength is 460 - 470nm and is ideal for targeting bacteria in your pores and treating acne and breakouts, leaving you with a clearer complexion.

Yellow Light (Detoxify)

The Yellow light wavelength is 580 - 590nm and is used to detoxify and stimulate production of red blood cells, which play a vital role in skin healing and rejuvenation.


Cleaning and Storage

After each use, wipe down the Universal Glows LED Light Therapy Face Mask with a dry cloth. Do not get any water or other liquid into contact with the mask.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight and moisture.