Before & After

Tegan Doe (Sydney, Australia) - Face
I was so skeptical at first when i made this purchase, however its been over 3 months now and this badboy is apart of my weekly skincare routine. It has improved my overall skin complexity on a whole level."
Maddison (Victoria) - Face
" I can not thank Universal Glows enough. In less than 8 weeks my skin is glowing on another level. My self - esteem has improved so much and i am feeling so confident in my own skin."
Lorain (Sydney, Austalia) - Cheeks
"My pores have gone so small, my blackheads/ whiteheads were removed instantly! The built in LED light makes my microdermabrasion treatments alot more exciting, you are able to see all the gunk and dirt that gets sucked out. Would recommend 110%"
Marcus (Brisbane, Australia) - Nose
"The Universal Glows at home Microdermabrasion kit has instant and promising results. After 2 treatments, all my whiteheads came out instantly!"
Ashley (Sydney, Australia) - Forehead
"The before photo was taken 8 weeks ago, before i began using thi Universal Glows Microdermabrasion. Twice per week, and this is my skin, feeling more fresh, much brighter and glowing skin, acne heads were vacuumed out, i absolutely love mine!"
Livian (Melbourne, Australia) - Face
"So much more confident now, my self - esteem has improved so much after using my micro kit. I barely even wear makeup to work now, my skin not only feels velvet soft but has such a glow to it, i am amazed really!"